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Andrew and his team at Zguy Software Solutions have been a great asset for us. Being a Startup they’ve helped us build a reliable technology on a scalable infrastructure. They always provide genuine advice. They understand we need to be nimble and agile. Each sprint outcomes are based on how individual user story or an issue impacts businesses and provide customer value.

Zguy Software Solutions are a trustworthy and reliable bunch, always delivering quality code on-time. I highly recommend anyone interested in building scalable technology solutions to have a conversation with Andrew and his team.

Dhawal NayakCEO
Grand Company

Andrew and his team were involved with IndEco Systems in every stage of developing a comprehensive MVP, from project management, User Experience (UX) design, technology selection, data modelling, systems architecture, software development, quality control and documentation.

Our experience with this ongoing project is excellent and we would thoroughly recommend ZGuy Software Solutions.

Pat ByrneChairman
Indeco Systems Pty Ltd

It is always a pleasure to work with Andrew Zahra.

I first met Andrew Zahra while working at Itree in Wollongong in 2007. Over the years, Andrew has proven himself to be a veteran software engineer and a very generous mentor.

I now work at IP-Surveillance.com.au Pty Ltd in the capacity of Development Manager. Andrew Zahra has again become a valuable source of experience and energy in the development of a customer-facing utility program which supplements our main product.

Andrew exhibited a high level of professionalism throughout all stages of this project. The end result of his work is a feature-rich application that we are proud to present to our customers.

Should more contracting work become available, Andrew will be our first point of contact.

Andrew JonesInformation Technology and
Services Professional

I have worked with Andrew in various roles at different organisations over many years. He is a highly skilled developer who has a broad experience across many different platforms and technologies.

Andrew brings all of this experience into the mobile application domain where he has become expert in iOS and Android development for business applications. He is familiar with the latest development environments and is constantly looking at ways to improve the development process and the technologies he is using. He has a strong focus on good software design in order to maximise code quality and maintainability.

Andrew’s extensive background in back-end development means that he has a good understanding of the mobile interfaces and different back-end technologies which makes him valuable in the mobile domain.

Neil HarperMobile Application Specialist,
A-GPS consultant and Author
Southern Mobile

I had the pleasure of working with Debbie on a short WordPress site rebuild project. Debbie learned fast, added value to the project immediately, worked efficiently and was very easy to work with.

Matthew NourseSoftware developer, systems administrator, data miner

Andrew is a very knowledgeable and skilled developer, who is quick to learn and integrates well with existing teams. Andrew worked on a number of iOS and Android Apps and hit the ground running on each project. He championed testing frameworks into existing projects and helped mentor junior Engineers. Andrew has very strong communication skills and is equally skilled at leading both technical discussions and client facing meetings. Andrew is easy going, a good listener and understands the needs of the business.  Andrew is someone I recommend and will call again for future projects.

Daniel Lloyd JonesMobile Application Specialist

I got to know Andrew at Itree Software in March 2007. Andrew worked in my team as a Senior Developer from July 2008 till May 2009.

Andrew’s interest in new technologies and tools and his openness to share his findings with other team members made him a valuable person in my team. He took the whole automated build process to the next level within our project. So successful that it became a standard for other projects within the company.

Besides his normal job Andrew was, and still is, leading the Illawarra Java user group. He does this with great enthusiasm. Besides local speakers he is also able to get prominent speakers from Google for example.

Given Andrew’s technical expertise and communicative skills, I can say without a doubt that Andrew is an excellent Solutions Architect. I enjoyed working with Andrew and would not hesitate for a moment to work with him again.

Rob van der KrogtTechnical Team Lead
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd

Andrew is a very experienced consultant and ICT professional. He has extensive skills in software design and development, across many technologies and areas of application.

Andrew is talented, dedicated, creative and completely dependable. His ability to tackle new challenges enhances his already broad technical knowledge and capability. He is generous with his knowledge, and able to lead others and help them perform to their best.

Andrew is great to have on any project, and I am very happy to recommend him.

James BoswellSenior Consultant
CMD Solutions Australia

Andrew’s in-depth knowledge of how IT system works and years of experience are real valuable assets that he bring in any projects either as a team member or a team leader. Andrew has a great work ethic and someone that we have confidence to solve complex technical issues.

Hengki WidjajaProviding government agencies across ANZ with solutions to their regulatory, compliance and enforcement challenges.

Andrew was always very focused on the best outcome for the customers in their projects. Andrew always clearly communicated the benefits and risks associated with decisions on the work he was doing. This made his contributions sought after and valuable for managing change and expectations with the customer.

Phil BrownIS Manager, Manufacturing
Bluescope Steel

Andrew has a great balance of skills required to succeed in the software industry. He is strong at analysis, comfortable with complex details, great at process, and not least of all, a respectful and clear communicator.

Michael LawlerUK Tax Data Analytics Leader